Struggling To Keep Your Dog Clean? Dog Grooming Is The Answer

10 October 2019
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Owning a dog is a very involved process, from walking them on a regular basis to making sure they have a healthy and fulfilling diet. Perhaps the hardest part about owning a dog is ensuring that it is clean and well groomed. It might sound easy enough a task, but every dog owner knows that getting a dog to sit still through any lengthy cleaning process is nigh impossible. They fiddle, they bark, they jump and they do whatever they can to escape your clutches. Read More …

4 Signs Your Dog May Have Vestibular Syndrome

1 May 2019
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As your dog gets older, they are more likely to pick up illnesses and complaints. While they may be just as likely to get common canine problems as when they were younger, they may also develop conditions that typically only happen in older dogs. For example, if your dog is acting a bit oddly, then they may have a condition known as vestibular syndrome. How can you tell if your pet has this illness? Read More …

Is Your Cat Crying More Because it Is Ill?

27 March 2019
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You and your cat know each other pretty well. While your cat can't talk, you've probably learned to understand its cries and meows. You know when it wants something specific or when it just feels chatty and wants some attention. If your cat's crying has changed recently, then you may be wondering why. It may be crying more or in a different way and you may not be able to work out what it wants. Read More …

Will a Dog Get Rid of a Swallowed Sock Itself?

22 March 2019
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It's not uncommon for dogs to swallow socks if they get the chance. If your dog has done this, then you may not be sure what to do. You know that some dogs deal with swallowed socks naturally. Some vomit them back up; others pass them out at the other end once the sock has passed through the digestive system. However, this doesn't happen with every swallowed sock. How can you tell when your dog needs some extra help and how can you get rid of the sock? Read More …

What You Need To Do Before You Leave Your Dog At A Boarding Kennel

23 January 2019
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Australians absolutely love dogs and, with over 4 million of them spread over the country, dogs are Australia's most common pet. However, another thing Australians cannot get enough of is going on holiday and, in many cases, being a dog owner can limit your opportunities of where to go for your trip. Unless the location of your holiday is relatively close and dog-friendly, then there is really no other option but to put your beloved dog in a boarding kennel which, although sad for you, is similar to giving your dog a holiday as well! Read More …

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