What You Need To Do Before You Leave Your Dog At A Boarding Kennel

What You Need To Do Before You Leave Your Dog At A Boarding Kennel

23 January 2019
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Australians absolutely love dogs and, with over 4 million of them spread over the country, dogs are Australia's most common pet. However, another thing Australians cannot get enough of is going on holiday and, in many cases, being a dog owner can limit your opportunities of where to go for your trip. Unless the location of your holiday is relatively close and dog-friendly, then there is really no other option but to put your beloved dog in a boarding kennel which, although sad for you, is similar to giving your dog a holiday as well! Here is everything you need to do before you get to your boarding kennel with your dog to ensure there is no issue with them taking your dog into care and letting you enjoy a few days or weeks off.


An absolute must-have is your dog's most recent vaccination documents, usually for the common C5 vaccination, but some places may require more. Making sure that your dog is always up to date with their vaccinations is part of being a responsible dog owner, so this is often something people have already crossed off the list and the real requirement is just remembering to bring the vaccination documents. You do not want to have your dog be refused entry because you forgot some papers because that could throw off your entire timeline, so remember to bring them!

Tick Prevention 

Many dog kennels require your dog to be on some form of tick preventative medication, at least while staying with them, which may require you either having to administer the tick medication yourself, beforehand, or paying a fee to get them to do it on arrival. While this can be a hassle to remember last minute, you should bear in mind that this is done to keep all dogs safe and happy in what can be a stressful environment away from their normal homes and owners. The last thing you want your dog to be is irritated by ticks and fleas, so get them protected before you leave.

Supplies And Accessories 

While boarding kennels are very well stocked with everything to look after your favourite, four-legged friend, sometimes dogs have particular attachments to certain bedding or an individual toy that may give them comfort in your absence. If you wish to bring some bedding or a toy with them to drop off, then usually the boarding kennels are very understanding of this and happy to accommodate (check beforehand though). If your dog is on any sort of medication, then you also need to remember to bring it and give specific instructions on how and when to use it. While food and water are provided by the boarding kennel, if your dog has a certain favourite treat that they respond really well to, you might want to bring some to leave with them so they can be calmed in an emergency situation. 

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